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Your palace awaits you. Your harem – well, we can't actually get you that. But your throne, your throne just has to be a Sumosac Sultan:

  • Measures 5ft x 4ft x 2ft
  • Removable micro suede cover zips off to machine wash
  • 2 fit for Royalty colours to choose from
  • Stays fluffy and full, will never go flat
  • Made with 100 % shredded foam

Unbelievable size and comfort - for those who love to lounge large. Free shipping, our 100% satisfaction guarantee should leave you with a little extra for all those extras a sultan so richly deserves.



I bought the Sumo for my boyfriend going on 5 years ago, and we both love it. I came to write a review specifically because I broke my ankle, and the Sumo sac is the only place I can comfortably lounge or sleep with my foot propped up as directed. I'm so grateful to have it!!
Posted on Sun, Oct 12, 2014.


Vincent Jose

I love my Sumo Sultan! It shipped quick in 3 business days to California! It was fun to set it up and, to my surprise, it expanded way bigger than I imagined! Definitely a quality product! Great to take a nap on or sit up to play some video games or watch movies!
Posted on Wed, Oct 8, 2014.