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SUMO - Bean Bag Chairs - Cheap Prices - High Quality

Looking for a perfect 10? Omni beanbag chairs, the original super-sized beanbags from Sumo has your number:

Omni Beanbag Chair Features

  • Choose the color of your beanbag chair - 10 achingly fashionable colors to choose from
  • Configure your beanbag chair in 10 different positions (discovered so far - some say we lack imagination)
  • Our giant beanbags measure big - 4.5' X 5.5, but weighs little - just 18lbs
  • Space age rip-proof nylon, stays new looking - easy to clean
  • Our beanbags are filled with top quality Sumo beads

Wondering what to do with the best beanbag chair you will ever own? Lounge in your living room, rock out on video games in your bedroom, or just relax next to the fireplace. The possibilities really are endless and it's all up to you, after all its your beanbag chair!

The Omni is our version of an inexpensive beanbag chair - and we bring it to you at almost $100 less than our competitors. Add in free shipping and our 100% satisfaction guarantee - your perfect 10 has definitely arrived and its name is the Omni Beanbag Chair from Sumo Lounge.

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Bambi Blue

Fell in LOVE with these at PAX East 2013 and have been more than jealous of my friend's omni collection - near thieving - since then! Most comfortable 4 hours on my behind I've ever spent!
Posted on Fri, Mar 7, 2014.


Kiel Wymer

After moving to a new house and finally getting a NerdCave of my very own, it was great. Only one thing missing: a beanbag! Between myself and the dog the omni is in constant use. It can be hard to get up, firstly because it's quite low to the ground depending how you set it up, secondly because you just won't want to!! I'm 6'3 and quite large and I have no issues with the size of the omni, it's plenty big enough for maximum comfort and everyone should at least try one!!
Posted on Mon, Mar 3, 2014.