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Sumo Bean Bag Replacement Beads

Is your bean bag deflating or has it lost most of its fluffiness? Then it is time to replace the beads inside your bean bag chair with high quality Sumo bean bag replacement beads. Upgrade and replenish your bean bag beads with a new bag of tiny polystyrene foam balls from Sumo Lounge. We have lower prices than LoveSac and any other competitor so don't waste time and money shopping around. At Sumo Lounge, we know no one likes a deflated bean bag chair and no one likes to overspend so buy low priced Sumo Lounge replacement beads today. Add some extra Sumo beads to your discount bean bag chair for the best experience possible.

Contains 3 Cubic Feet. Contact customer support for product fill amounts

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豆袋椅的体验真是很有趣:慢慢变大,到了一定程度以后,就不再变大了。Sumo 舒服、个头大,最为重要的是,仍然是一个豆袋椅。所以它才了不起。Sumo 豆袋椅售价 139 美元,价格略高于百货店的普通座椅,但当你的伙伴一屁股坐下去的时候,Sumo 豆袋椅不会突然爆开。 Continue reading →


If you plan on spending Christmas Day in your PJs, a Sumo beanbag is a pretty good accessory. At 5.5 by 4.5 feet, the Omni is pretty mammoth, so it might not quite fit under the tree. Continue reading →